A Brief History

An Ohio corporation, the company was founded by Frederick C. Basham, Brent E. White, Matthew T. Roller, and Frederick R. Basham, in December of 1998, locating first in Perrysburg, Ohio, later moving to Maumee, Ohio and now Holland, Ohio. Genesis initially focused on smaller clients and as a subcontractor for companies such as TolTest, and Hull and Associates. In 2003, Genesis was chosen by Hawthorne Services as a subcontractor for a major contract at Fort Bragg, N.C. resulting in revenues of $1.9M, and this proved to be a turning point in terms of growth for the company. During the past 16 years of business, Genesis major customers have been Ryder Transportation and government contracts. In addition, Genesis has done several government projects with Hawthorne Services and Oscar W. Larsons.  One recent project was a $3.4M project at Camp LeJeune in Jacksonville, NC.

In 2004/2005 Genesis the previous President, Fred Basham Jr. and Fred Basham Sr. elected to part ways with Genesis. Brent White and Matt Roller continued managing the business. Brent specializes in installation and site management while Matt Roller specializes in bidding and Project Management. The missing piece of the puzzle was someone to manage the financial side of the business.   In 2007, James Gordon was brought in to help manage the financial aspects of the business. Since 2007, great strides have been accomplished in regards to Genesis’ financial standings. In addition, Genesis is now focusing on different types of customers to grow and expand the business.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, the current owners directly manage crews made up from a pool of fifteen seasoned site employees who travel to various job site locations in different states to work on projects. The owners as well as all site employees maintain current certifications, including that for removers/installers of fuel and chemical tank systems. This training ensures that all Genesis projects are in strict compliance with all federal, state and local codes, regulations and standards.

Genesis has spent the last sixteen years building solid relationships with a number of reliable suppliers and contractors. These relationships provide them with up-to-date information on the best supplies, methods and services currently being employed in the industry. Genesis has developed a sophisticated bid process system that considers all job costs including quotes from local job site suppliers and contractors, and an administrative staff experienced in construction documentation, who track and compare all job costs to budget.

With respect to competition, Genesis has largely operated under the radar and has developed a loyal customer base and built company brand identification within the market segment it serves. Genesis focuses on its core competency, that are manageable and within the scope of its resources. A bid success ratio of nearly 1 out of 3 indicates its strength in relationship building, its reasonably strong competitive position, and its ability to win contracts based on criteria other than price considerations.

Having specialized in the removal, installation and upgrading of fuel and chemical tank systems, the marketing strategy for Genesis is to leverage the strength of its reputation through its client relationships and partnerships. It will accept contracts anywhere within the continental United States within its core competency for complete turnkey tank system projects.

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