Genesis Contracting, Inc. Member PEI
Member since 2001
6505 Angola Road
Holland, Ohio 43528
Phone: (419) 866 - 5971
Fax: (419) 866 - 5978

Genesis Office in Holland, OH
 Specializing in:
          • Storage Tank Design, Abandonment, Removal, Upgrade and Installation
          • Aviation Fueling System Installation
          • Chemical Tank Removal and Installation
          • Environmental Assessments/Consulting
          • Oil/Water Separator Cleaning, Removal and Installation
          • Complete Soil/Water Site Remediation
          • Re-Imaging Division
          • PCB Testing, contamination cleanup and disposal (Including PCB containing transformers)
          • Building and structure demolition/disposal
          • Hydraulic lift removals
          • General Construction


Genesis professionals are state certified for the removal, upgrade, and installation of storage tank systems. Our professionals are certified under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program, Construction Quality Management for Contractors.

The ultimate key to success is people and we take particular pride in our team of seasoned professionals. We are experienced Environmental Contractors.

Genesis' overall approach to providing a high quality, turnkey service includes:

Responsiveness and Flexibility

Quickly developing a full understanding of the scope of each project and rapidly assembling a project team encompassing the required technical and construction personnel that can perform in a quality manner.


Cost and Schedule Control

Applying management control and proven systems and procedures to facilitate compliance with the requirements of each task in a multiple, concurrent project environment. This ensures the right mix of resources used at the appropriate time and provides early identification of potential problems. our self-performing field crews ensure maximum schedule control because subcontractors are not involved.


Effective Communication/Coordination

Providing a project team whose leadership, technical and construction support is readily available and accessible, and who can develop a full understanding of goals and objectives.


Quality Deliverables

Ensuring quality of work through the application of directly relevant experience and the common use of standard procedures, quality reviews and performance measurement systems by personnel knowledgeable with the projects.


Health and Safety Protection

Ensuring implementation and compliance with health and safety plans including appropriate implementation of site controls and paying particular attention to the safety concerns associated with our customers.