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We build alternative fuel systems for sustainable progress.

As a general and mechanical contractor, we excel in providing an array of unparalleled services, including:

Matt Roller

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1998 - Ohio

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From concrete foundation to final commissioning, we deliver top-quality infrastructure installations with expertise and efficiency


We provide maintenance support to prevent downtime, minimize disruption, and ensure optimal performance of your infrastructure and operations


Our upgrade solutions optimize efficiency and scale production, ensuring your infrastructure can meet growing demands


EV Charging

Expert installation and maintenance of EV charging stations for commercial, industrial, and governmental clients


Complete installation and integration of hydrogen fueling systems with adherence to local and fire codes


Expert installation, upgrade, and maintenance of CNG fueling systems with specialty and high-volume capabilities


Flexible and comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of fueling and

Civil Concrete

Innovative and cost-effective solutions for structural concrete repair, demolition, and equipment foundation


Upgrades & Modifications

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Matt Roller

Senior Project Manager & Founder
With all the changes we’re seeing in the alternative fueling industry including electrical vehicle (EV) filling we are extremely excited for future growth and expansion.

John Lang

After being in the construction industry for over 30 years the path to this point amazes me . We continue to expand in the alternative field keeping our business goals of honesty and quality that speaks volumes.

James Gordon

The foundation of our business is based on trusting relationships with each other, our employees, clients, and customers. We are a team of professionals with mid-west values that strives for the best in everything we do.

Current Projects across the continental United States

Genesis has developed a sophisticated bid process system that considers all job costs including quotes from local job site suppliers and contractors, and an administrative staff experienced in construction documentation, who track and compare all job costs to budget.

With respect to competition, Genesis has largely operated under the radar and has developed a loyal customer base and built company brand identification within the market segment it serves. Genesis focuses on its core competency, that are manageable and within the scope of its resources. A bid success ratio of nearly 1 out of 3 indicates its strength in relationship building, its reasonably strong competitive position, and its ability to win contracts based on criteria other than price considerations.

Genesis is capable of providing all equipment and materials needed to complete any product system installation. By utilizing a vast network of manufacturers and distributors our clients are provided with the latest equipment and methods to maintain their operating systems in accordance with federal, state and local requirements

How does Genesis manage permits and inspections for jobsites?
At Genesis, we expertly manage the permitting and inspection process for your construction project, from commencement permit to project completion. Our experienced team collaborates with local authorities, ensuring timely and efficient permit acquisitions and inspections. We prioritize safety, quality, and compliance at every stage, adhering to all regulatory requirements. Trust Genesis as your general contractor for a seamless permitting and inspection process, guaranteeing project success and peace of mind.

Whether your project is pre-engineered or is a design-build, Genesis can accommodate your needs. We will work with you to provide a full quote including a budgetary estimate to get your project started.

Since each job in this industry is custom, Genesis prefers to meet with you at the job-site to fully assess the project and gather information. Shortly after, you will receive an in-depth project quote including a full write up of our understanding of the project details, a cost estimate, and our terms and conditions. After we come to an agreement and any pre-project submittals are signed off on, our project team will mobilize to the project site and work diligently to meet and exceed your expectations

Our company manages projects using its own cash flow, avoiding the cost of interest payments and the risks of debt accumulation. This approach provides financial flexibility and independence, allowing us to focus on delivering high-quality projects to our clients. By eliminating the need for a Line of Credit, we maintain a responsible and proactive financial management strategy, ensuring stable operations even during periods of economic uncertainty. With our reliable and efficient approach to project management, we can help you achieve your infrastructure goals without compromising your financial stability

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